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ASB.TV is a case study for web services of the Blackbox content viewing tool
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ASB.TV is a case study for web services of the Blackbox content viewing and distribution tool. This program works under Adobe AIR. If you do not have it installed, ASB.TV will download it and install for you. Blackbox is primarily targeted to be used as a web browser for the Air Show Buzz site (, but it can also be used as a regular browser, allowing you to visit any site. However, your home page will always be set to

This program shows the content of the site in several windows, arranged according to a given layout that you can change in any way, you want. The default layout will show windows titled TV, Photos, Forums, Store, and Airshows. If you browse the site with a regular browser, each one of these windows will be shown in a different page.

The "Browser" button is the one you should use, if you want to navigate away from ASB.TV site. When clicking on it, a window will appear, where you can enter an URL. You can maximize that window, if you want.

Blackbox allows you to cycle between pages by using the cursor movement keys. You can divide the screen in as many modules as you like, each one showing the content of a different page.

ASB.TV will also install the ASB.TV widget, an element that will show you the current time and date while you can listen to the ASB radio.

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  • It is a great web browser, that benefits from Adobe AIR graphics capabilities


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